Nordic walking at Vallgorguina

Nordic Walking around Vallgorguina

Barcelona Discovery signs a contract with the Town Hall of Vallgorguina with the aim of boosting the Museum of the Forest, setting the day for the tourism website and collaborating closely with the city council for the dynamization of the municipality. In 2018 the activity ‘Going to the forest to find the Tió’ was carried out, a stand was organized at ‘the Fair of the Forest and the Farmhouse’

Looking at 2019, we will enjoy more activities. The first is Initiation and Nordic Walking around Vallgorguina, we enclose all the information:


Do you know what the Nordic Walking is?

Well, come to walk with us, we will introduce ourselves in the world of the Nordic Walking and then we will take a route around Vallgorguina


The objective is to get to know the Nordic Walking with an introductory course and a healthy route guided by the instructor Mireia Teixidó.

It is a way of practising physical exercise in an ideal space such as the Vallgorguina environment.

Thanks to this activity, we will start with a ‘tasting’ of Nordic Walking explaining: where it comes from, steps, appropriate material, technique … And later the route through Parc del Montnegre Corredor

The itinerary will be as follows:

Pla del Forn – Font d’en Nel – The Dolmen – Can Pradell – Forest of the Puig – Solella de Can Clarens.

It is very important to bring specific walking sticks for the Nordic March; trekking is not available. Anyone interested in renting us to notify us at the time of registration.

We enclose all the information:

Day: 9 th March 2019

Time: 09:30 a.m

Meeting Point: Museum of the Forest

You must register to do this activity.

Information and Registration at:

We closed registrations 03/03/19


We pass information on the required Material: Nordic walking sticks * Comfortable footwear | Water | Small backpack

* (If you do not have Nordic walking sticks we can rent you for 5 €)

Recommended material: cap | small breakfast or fruit

It will be a route of about 5 Kilometers, the difficulty is easy.



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