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1 de February de 2024
Private Tour Barcelona


Immerse your team in the rich culture of Barcelona with Barcelona Discovery, your premier partner for private tours and corporate events during the Mobile Congress. Explore iconic landmarks, partake in tailored team-building activities, and host unforgettable corporate events in this vibrant city.

Discover Exclusive Private Tours in Barcelona

Explore Iconic Landmarks and Hidden Gems Tailored to Your Schedule and Interests

Barcelona Discovery offers bespoke private tours that go beyond the ordinary. Explore iconic landmarks like Sagrada Familia and delve into hidden gems off the beaten path. Our expert guides ensure a personalized experience tailored to your schedule and interests.

Tailored Team-Building for Mobile Congress Attendees

Strengthen Bonds and Foster Innovation with Customized Activities

Enhance team cohesion with our tailor-made team-building activities. From interactive workshops to outdoor adventures, we create memorable experiences that strengthen bonds and foster innovation. Customize your Mobile Congress stay with activities that suit your team’s dynamics.

Unforgettable Corporate Events in Barcelona

Crafting Seamless and Memorable Events Reflecting Your Company’s Ethos

Barcelona Discovery specializes in crafting unforgettable corporate events. Whether it’s a networking dinner with a backdrop of city lights or a themed party in a historic venue, we ensure a seamless and memorable event that reflects your company’s ethos.

Contact Us to Customize Your Corporate Adventure in Barcelona

Make your Mobile Congress visit truly exceptional with Barcelona Discovery. We blend professionalism with a touch of Barcelona’s vibrant spirit, creating corporate experiences that resonate. Elevate your stay, strengthen your team, and explore Barcelona in style.

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